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Want to use a simple method to increase your income?

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Then read on.

For thousands of years storytelling has been used to capture peoples attention and shape their thoughts. Religions have been built, wars started and generations affected by stories.

Stories are all around us and affect how we think and the actions we take.

Who hasn't heard of Shakespeare, Macbeth, Game of Thrones Or The Walking Dead?

Who hasn't spent time talking to friends and colleagues about the latest film?

Who doesn't have a friend who quotes lines from Monty Python, Seinfeld or Friends?

What Has This Got To Do With Your Blog?

Our brains are wired to accept and remember tales, fables and parables from the time humans sat around the first camp fires we've been conditioned to relate to stories.

By structuring your content (or emails) in the form of a story you can increase the number of sales you make or the number of subscribers you get.


It's a myth that people buy on price, they buy on perceived value and convenience.

A Product is worth whatever value the potential buyer puts on it. It doesn't matter if you give it away for free, charge $7, $97 or $997 if someone believes it's got value they'll pay it.

On the other hand if they don't believe it has value they won't pay for it.

However, tell the story behind that product, that report or that free course and you've given that product real value.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that your blog, product or even newsletter doesn't have a story, stories are all around us once you recognise them and learn how to build them into your business then your business thrive.

Stories Transform a Product Into Much More Than A Product

A Baseball is a just baseball worth $10. It's just like every other baseball in the store.

Unless it has a story.

A baseball that was hit for a series winning home run is suddenly worth a lot more than $10

It's still the same as every other baseball it just has a better story to go with it.

The key to your success is being able to identify the story and present in a way that resonates with your readers

Stories Turn Blog Posts Into Lead And Income Generation Monsters

If people are engaged with your blog content they are much more likely to optin to your email list.

Time after time you'll find the most engaging content gets the highest optin rates. Higher optin rates lead to more sales and a more profitable business.

To put it bluntly if your content entertains then your blog will make more money.

Your Content Must Add Value

A few years ago I was struggling as a Marketer, it was hard to make ends meet and towards the end of each month it was a struggle to pay the rent and the bills we had.

I was emailing regularly but had a low open rate and low sales. On top of that I couldn't get subscribers very easily.

I sucked at Marketing.

Then one day I sent an email that told a story and the feedback was almost immediate, so I started to put more stories into my emails and my open rates and sales grew.

I then started to adapt what I had learned from writing emails and started using it in everything I wrote .

Suddenly blog posts got read and shared, they generated subscribers and they made more sales.

My customer retention rates skyrocketed, people emailed me and asked what was wrong if I didn't send an email or write a blog post.

Sales pages sold more products without being full of hype or BS. I no longer had to promise "Ninja Tactics" or talk about "loopholes".

I just needed to tell a story that engaged my audience.

Content That Converts takes everything I've learned and puts it into an easy to follow system which I call Content Infotainment.

Stories Work

The type of storytelling I use I like to call Infotainment, passing information along while entertaining the reader.

Why be like every other blog in your niche? From basic affiliate marketing to selling your own products infotainment allows you to connect with your reader.

I once earned $20K in affiliate payments in a week because I didn't just give the reader the facts , I told them the story about why I loved the product and how it would that product would improve their lives.

Get your content right and you aren't selling the product, you are selling the results. That nutribullet no longer just blends your smoothie, it enhances your life, it makes every day better it can help you to achieve your dreams.

It all starts with the story!

It doesn't matter if you've never told a story in your life. It's an easy skill to master and within a few days you'll be creating content that will engage your customers and readers.

The story doesn't even have to be about you, often the most powerful stories are about the reader.

What is a Story?

When I talk about stories I may be giving you the impression that you need to write a lot of content, nothing could be farther from the truth. A story can be any length from a few sentences long to several paragraphs.

The important thing is that it resonates with your readers. If you can get your readers to relate to your content then you have immediately improved your chance of making a sale to that person.

A Cupcake Recipe Isn't a Story

“Lose 10lbs in 21 days” isn’t a story

“How to get your Ex back” isn’t a story

“How to get more subscribers” isn’t a story

How this cupcake recipe is loved by 3 generations of your family is a story

“Learn how I lost 10lbs in 3 weeks and won my husband back” is a story

“7 ways you can get your ex back and live happily every after” is a story

“Learn how we doubled our subscribers and trebled our profits with 2 simple changes.”. now that’s a story!

What Does Content That Converts Cover?

  • CREATE CONTENT THAT INCREASES SALES AND SUBSCRIBERS OR YOUR MONEY BACK - Content That Converts will show you how to quickly create content that turns readers into subscribers and buyers.

  • FIND OUT WHY CONTENT IS THE MOST VITAL PART OF YOUR SALES PROCESS - with the right content making sales becomes much easier and readers will WANT to become subscribers

  • CREATE A MORE POWERFUL ENGAGEMENT WITH YOUR READERS - Your readers will become your biggest advocates and delight in sharing your content.

  • AVOID THE BIGGEST MISTAKES MOST BLOGGERS MAKE WITH IMAGES - Get your images right and your content conveys a stronger message.

  • DISCOVER THE SIMPLE WAY TO GET MORE SUBSCRIBERS - With the right methods you can easily convert over 36% of your readers to subscribers.

  • REDUCE THE TIME YOU NEED TO SPEND MANAGING YOUR BLOG WITH CORRECT PLANNING - A simple content plan will free up more time for the things that matter.

  • PREVENT LEGAL HASSLES BY LEARNING HOW TO CURATE CONTENT THE CORRECT WAY - Avoid copyright claims and time wasting correspondence with lawyers by ensuring that your curated content is created the right way.

  • CONTENT THAT CONVERTS WILL SHOW YOU HOW TO GET HIGH QUALITY CONTENT FOR FREE - Reduce the time you spend writing content by using free content submitted to you

  • ENGAGE WITH YOUR READERS EMOTIONALLY - Discover the 6 basic emotions that drive your readers

  • MULTIPLY YOUR TRAFFIC ON A DAILY BASIS - We show you how to use your existing traffic to generate floods of new readers.

  • HYPER TARGET YOUR PERFECT READER - getting readers who are in tune with your blog will allow you easily generate more sales and subscribers on a daily basis.

  • THE SECRET WEAPON IN YOUR BLOGGING ARMOURY = NEGATIVE HEADLINES - by subtly changing your headlines you can elicit a different set of emotions that can lead to more shares and engagement.

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    When I completed Content Infotainer I sat stunned because of who I had become compared to who I was before I started the course.

    I don’t think I’d have had that realization though if I hadn’t been required to submit two homework assignments – 2 emails written by me to be reviewed by Mark.

    That was a game changer for me.

    I wanted to do well so I worked at it and by the time I did the first email I was excited… but by the time I completed the second one, I felt like I was flying a thousand miles an hour with my hair on fire.

    Yeah I know that’s somebody else’s saying, but I stole it to make a point.

    I never thought I could write anything. I mean I type with two fingers, I spell like shit, and I also thought I never had anything worthwhile to say.

    All of that went up in smoke though from taking Content Infotainer.

    I found out that Mark types with two fingers like I do. Like me he doesn’t spell well either but man this guy can write and in a way that I like to read.

    So I bought the course, and I listened to him, and did the work.

    My brain now just won’t stop with ideas for writing emails and articles. Every negative thought that I had previously about me and my ability writing is gonzo thanks to Mark!

    Will Rogers said - There are three kinds of men: The one who learns by reading, the few that learn by observation, the rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.

    I’ve been all three… who are you? If any of what I’ve written here resonates with you… you know what to do… so just do it!

    Fred Ferguson

    Content Infotainer has been a real eye opener for me.

    It would have taken me a long time to work out the most effective type and style of content to add to my sites if I hadn't gone through CI.

    The course info is clearly laid out in modular style which is perfect for my way of learning.

    But the clincher for me is the depth of information in the course. You can see this is the stuff that's been tried and tested on real sites and blogs.

    I would recommend CI to anyone who wants to know what really works and how to set-up, or improve their site effectiveness.

    Content Infotainer is one of the best investments I've made in a long time.

    Frank Edwards

    Your Instructor

    Mark Thompson
    Mark Thompson

    My name is Mark Thompson and I have been a full-time online marketer for 12 years. I started shortly after I moved to Spain and needed to generate an income.

    The rest as they say is history.

    I am happiest when I and working at improving my systems, surrounded by data and figures and trying to simplify them while at the same time making them more profitable.

    I write about marketing over at my blog The Lifestyle Marketer

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