The 3 Pillars of A Simple Lifestyle Business


Every successful lifestyle business is built on 3 pillars.

Great Content
Targeted Traffic
Relevant Monetization

If you have all 3 right then you will make money on a long term basis.

If you get just 1 wrong then you are going to struggle to make money.

Lets look at what you should be doing.


Your content should be interesting and relevant to your target market.

It doesn’t have to be too in-depth or “heavy” people like to be entertained, look at the success of viral news sites. The watch word for content is infotainment,

When I first started in Internet Marketing many marketers went after health niches, Articles like “How to Cure Acne in 7 Days”or “How to reverse your diabetes” were everywhere.

I still see people writing articles like that.. don’t!

Leave content like that to the professionals.

If you want to promote acne cures write an article called. “7 Celebrities Who Had Acne”

That’s what people are interested in you can then use the article to promote the latest cure for acne.

Targeted Traffic:

Traffic is cheap.. Very cheap.

You can get targeted traffic all day long for 5 cents or under. The key word there is TARGETED.

Targeted traffic converts and conversions mean money.

With the right traffic you can easily average over 3 times what you spend in profit.

Spend $10 make $30
Spend $30 Make $90
Spend $90 make $270

With cheap traffic you can test and tweak your sites and ensure the perfect balance of Income and subscribers.

Remember a click is a one time income source subscribers can be a long term income source.


As I touched on in the Traffic section there are various ways you can monetize your traffic using long term or short term methods.

When starting out you may want to generate as much income as possible, there is nothing wrong with that.

However after a while you may decide that your priority should be building a list and focusing on long term income.

Alternatively you may split your business up and have 1 series of sites and articles generating cash and another focusing on build your lists.

Thats the beauty of a simple lifestyle business you can do what you like once you have you 3 pillars in place.

Your Life
Your Lifestyle
Your Lifestyle Business



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