November Roundup – Oh The Irony!

roundupI decided to start doing a monthly roundup with a few slight differences.

In these roundups I just want to focus on the non MMO projects I’ve started since we launched Serious Marketers Only.

So no existing recurring incomes, no email marketing income nothing related to anything that existed before October 1st.

I also want to include how this is affecting and improving my lifestyle.

This way it will reflect what any one of you can do.

So I’ll be including any sites that I have created from October onwards and any other non MMO projects I create going forward.

My target is to have 5 sites at least 2 of which are earning over $10,000 a month by this time next year.

At present I have 2 sites I use one is a test site and one is the main income earner.

Generally I’ll add an article to the test site and run $20 of traffic to it, if it gets clicks and makes money I’ll then move that article to the main site.


November was a testing & research month for me and I focussed on getting mobile traffic to convert. It took a while to master it but once I did I turned mobile traffic from a loss into a healthy profit.

To put this into perspective in October I was earning an ROI of 261% on desktop traffic.

The ROI on November was just 92% on mobile traffic but it was worth taking a hit (if you can call a $1000+ profit a hit) because the ROI to date in December is up to an average of 246%  and climbing which is comparable to desktop traffic but 5 times cheaper to buy.

(UPDATE: Yesterday was a 319% ROI… BOOM)

To put some flesh on those figures

The main site earned $2267 in Adsense income last month of that just over $2000 came from 1 article the rest was from “trickle down” people reading other articles on the site. (the site has 7 articles)

I only ran traffic to this site for 18 days last month as for the first 2 weeks I was testing various articles, images and headlines on the test blog.

Initially I was struggling to get mobile traffic converting, due to Adsense rules I can’t give you exact CTR’s but it was considerably (a lot!) below 1% to start with. I eventually got it somewhere above 3% by the end of the month and it’s the last 4 or 5 days where most of the profit came from.

In fact in the last week of November I had my biggest Adsense income day since August 2006 and my biggest run of $100+ days since then as well

Clickbank income was $134 from sidebar ads.

The overall ad spend was $1258 this I took from the Income i’d made the month before pouring almost 100% of it back into advertising, this is the quickest way to scale up your business.

December Plans

I intend to continue to to run and test mobile traffic. I am currently getting 2 cent clicks from Facebook which has rocketed my page views, I’d like to get back down to the 1 cent clicks I had in October but I don’t think this is possible as i’ve optimised the life out of this campaign at the moment.

One great thing about cheap clicks and the type of sites we build In SMO is that we get a high number of page views, around 40,000 a day so far this month.

This might open the door for some 3rd part advertising so I may approach Buy Sell Ads and see if they’ll accept my site.

If you know of a good ad broker who pays well let me know in the comments!


Myself and Pete got out of the whole Product Launch circus when we created SMO. The idea was to continue to research like we used to and instead of selling that information via a product we’d post it in the members area.

That was a life changing decision for both of us.

Instead of spending hours a day working on and supporting products we are focused on 2 things

Serious Marketers Only & our personal sites.

On a normal day it takes less than 20 minutes to check the site and make sure it’s running as it should do.

I check the ROI from the day before, The type of traffic, desktop, tablet or Mobile and if it’s different from what it’s optimised for I’ll either change the source or how the article is set up.

That’s it ROI is the main metric for me anything over 200% is acceptable if i am not testing below that it’s time to investigate and tweak.

ROI is the main indicator of how well you are doing, page views, CTR etc mean nothing if you aren’t making a profit.

Thats it.

I’ll then spend an hour or so answering threads in the forum and thats me done for the day.

In the last 6 weeks i’ve had a week long vacation, a 4 day romantic break for my 30th wedding anniversary on a Super Yacht and i’ve had to rush to Ireland on family business.

Ohh and I may have played a few rounds of golf…

There is no point in working your butt off if you don’t have time to enjoy your life.

The irony is when I started as an Internet Marketer 10 years ago my target was to earn a few hundred dollars a day and only work a few hours a week.

Since I started paying for traffic and reinvesting the first few months income I’ve achieved that in just a few weeks .. I wonder why it took me 10 years to get here!

However personally the biggest achievement over the past month is that I’ve dropped below 100KG (220lbs/ 15st 7) for the first time in 10 years. Thats a total of 10kg/22lbs I’ve dropped in the past 10 weeks

This is mostly because I now have the time to go for a 10km walk every day. This is my thinking time, no distractions just out in the fresh air thinking.

All this has added up to me being a happier , healthier, and fitter.

So that’s November December is shaping up nicely already and I’ve actually earned 50% of what I earned in October already and it’s only lunchtime on December 4th.

If you want to get the inside track on how we build these sites and Income Streams why not check out Serious Marketers Only


If you have any questions or comments please ask them in the comments section and .. Hey why not Share the post if you liked it!



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