Do What You Love


What do you love to do?

In this instance I am referring to your online business.

We all have aspects of IM that we love and stuff we hate to do.

Personally I love to write and I like to test things I also like to find simple ways of generating income.

I am never happier than when I can quickly and easily generate $50-$100 a day with minimum effort.. those small income streams quickly build up.

Some people love to build stores or affiliate sites and drive traffic to them.

While some love the process of building a site and filling it with content.

It really doesn’t matter what you do online almost everything can make you an income if you do it right. So why not focus on what you love doing?

One thing I’ve learnt is that using a shotgun approach to marketing is never as successful as using a snipers approach.

I find if I am doing something I don’t particularly like it takes a long time to do and I am not motivated.

On the other hand if it’s something I like I’m in there like a rat up a drain pipe.

Head down, banging away on the keyboard until it’s done. I’ve often started on a project and suddenly discovered that 8 or 9 hours have passed.

A few weeks ago I started to test some stuff I am preparing for Serious Marketers Only.

It was a head down where the hell has the time gone type of day.

I wanted something that generated a simple income that took no time to run and was something I looked forward to working on.

I have developed a set of criteria for projects that I like to do.

1.It must have a potential profit of over 100% per day

2.It must be scaleable so that I can test at $20 a day and scale up to $200 with very little effort

3.I must be able to build a list OR retarget visitors easily.

4.It should be easy to run with minimal daily input.

Phase A was a success I can driv



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