December Round Up – Where did the time go!

Following on from Novembers achievements I wanted to continue to improve the ROI on my campaigns.

If I can earn more by spending less then that makes my business easier to scale in the long term.

I set myself a target of making $2500 with a budget of $750. I wanted to test some cashflow ideas I had that I’ll be adding to an article Im preparing for later this month.

Basically I wanted to generate an income without having to spend money until I had it in the bank.

Stay tuned to find out more!


So how did it go?

Well, I generated $2628 from $773 which is a 240% ROI over the month .. much better than last months 92% ROI

Which is not bad considering I only ran ads for 15 days last month.

In the graphic below you can see the ROI’s for the first week of December, I was on a long weekends vacation for the first few days so couldn’t tweak anything, but as soon as I could things improved.

Yes, that really is a 422% ROI/$261 Income on a $50 spend.

The columns are: Ad spend, Income, profit, ROI

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 14.22.33

I did run into an issue as this article has been running since October and had pretty much run it’s course so towards middle of the month. I stopped running ads to it on December 16th.

Overall it’s generated me around $5500 directly with a trickle down income of over $1000 (trickle down is the income generated by other articles on the site from the traffic to the main article)

Not bad for a $10 article.

I prepared some new articles in a different niche and started driving traffic to one from December 26th.

The ROI was just over 140% which was amazing as i’ll explain in a moment.

There are some niches where i’ve really struggled to make money, this was one of them.

I’ve dabbled in ads before but couldn’t get below $0.50. Just before christmas I saw a product being promoted called Optimize Hero.

I bought it and did a small test campaign which i documented for the members Of Serious Marketers Only.

The initial campaign was costing me up to 63c per click. Thats not sustainable and I would make a loss pretty quickly.

So I ran it through OP Hero and analysed the results and made the suggested tweaks, within 24 hours I was paying 12c per click and I had my demographics nailed.

I then ran joint Yahoo and Facebook campaigns to compare the results Yahoo won by a slight margin but not enough to make me drop the Facebook ads.

I am going to be revisiting some old unsuccessful Facebook campaigns this month and using them with OP hero.. it’s 5 star highly recommended software, and a game changer you can read about it at: Optimize Hero


It was a big (and therefore Expensive ) month lifestyle wise this month.

On December 1st we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary by staying on a super yacht ion Gibraltar. Once again I proved that I could take time off and my business can run smoothly.

Here is a picture of us on the yacht after our Anniversary dinner with my friend Andre Chaperon and his wife Anita

2014-12-02 00.41.05

The rest of the month consisted of a couple of annual charity golf days and me doing my yearly job as pretending to be Santa at a couple of local Xmas fairs.

Plus a few more rounds of Golf because it was warm and I could 😉

We also got a new dog, after our last Boxer died we decided not to to replace her.. probably a bad decision since dogs make me happy!

So the opportunity came up to adopt another one so we did.. good decision!


January Plans

The plan for January is simple.

Hire some staff to develop a few more websites

Get 2 new money making articles generating 200% ROI’s

Record Fb Ad NinJa V2 (V1 owners will get V2 for free)

Write at least 3 more posts, 1 on cashflow, 1 on Inbox Zero and one to be decided. So if you don’t want to miss out, signup up for our free report or like the Facebook page and check it regularly.

Ok That’s it for the month

Have a great one..



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