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Step 3 Setting Targets

The reason why we preach building lifestyle businesses is that apart from being easy to operate the results are predictable.

We know that if we spend $x we will make $xx.

This makes setting targets easy.

We’ve already discussed short, mid and long term general targets.

Now it’s time to focus on day to day targets, these will drive you on and get you to where you want to be.

Having said that be realistic with your day to day targets.

Your first target should be something that is easily achievable for example $100 a day.

Your second target should be a bit more of a stretch $250 a day.

Your 3rd target should be even more of a stretch, don’t make it easy.

For example $500 a day plus 50 email subscribers

Set up properly your Lifestyle Business should generate a minimum profit of 250%-300%

Over to you now.. do you want to build a Lifestyle Business and live the life you want to live before it’s too late?

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