Break Free With A Lifestyle Business

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Step 1 – Plan Your Escape.

The biggest mistake I made was that I started my first lifestyle business too late.

I was out of work, desperate and down to my last few hundred dollars before I started.

I should have started while I had a job.

Avoid that mistake if possible.

Start building your business while you still have the security of a 9-5 job.

Most of my lifestyle businesses can be operated in under 20 minutes a day once they are set up. (Yes, you can and should have multiple businesses)

If you are in a job then start planning now. Get your first business planned and set up.

Set a short term target, a midterm and a long term target.


Where do you want to be in 1 month,

Where do you want to be in 3 months

Where do you want to be in 1 year.

These are your general your targets.

Operate your business for a few months and scale it up, your first financial target should be to match your current income.

Then and only then should you start to execute your escape plan

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