Traditionally Lifestyle Marketing refers to advertising lifestyle products like Harley Davidsons’ and other aspirational products.

But we aren’t Traditionalists,

Hell if we were we’d still be sat in that 6×6 cubicle punching keys and working towards high blood pressure and a boring retirement.

Remember this guy?


When we refer to lifestyle marketing we are referring to building a business or series of businesses that allow you to live the lifestyle that you want.

Some Lifestyle Marketers like to Travel , some like to have a lifestyle that allows them to watch their families grow up. Others like to indulge their hobbies as much as possible.

We’ve found that the best way to achieve what you want is via online marketing.

The Lifestyle Marketer is brought to you by Two marketers on opposite sides of the world, Peter Van Zijl in Australia and Mark Thompson in Europe.

Mark has been working online full time for 10 years and Pete for 5 years

Pete, is the travelling type, in the past year he has been to Bali, Philippines, Mainland United States, South Africa and Hawaii.

Mark is the stay at home watch his family grow up and play loads of golf type of guy.

We will be using the blog to bring you tips, advice and business ideas along with training and case studies.

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