$0 to $100,000 in 90 Days

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By now if you’ve been reading this blog you’ll know that out philosophy is to build a mixture of long term and short term lifestyle businesses.

Start with a simple short term business that gets the cash rolling then add various long term options over time.

This is the method that has worked for years if you take action and follow through.

Unlike most Marketers we walk the walk and not just talk the talk…

On August the 12 this year Pete (no thats not him in the image above!) presented a webinar on using Shopify.

He walked through the whole system that he used from start to finish.

He showed how he got products that he didn’t need to pay for until he’s been paid and he showed how he managed the whole process.

The training was all based on what he was doing for a store he’d build at the beginning of august

Over the past 3 months that store has earned him over $100,000

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Whats impressive is that during those 3 months he’s spent time in Hawaii and the Philippines fishing for sharks and surfing all the time he was away the stores continued to run themselves.


Because he has successfully managed to outsource everything.

Now ask yourself, If you were on that webinar would you have taken action?

Would you have followed Pete’s Step by Step plan?

In Serious Marketers Only November is outsourcing month.

By the end of the month you’ll be able to take the content in Pete’s Ecommerce module and add what you learn about outsourcing and build your business.

We’ll even have a thread where you can find a VA to share.

What I want you to take from this post is not the income generated but that If you take action you can succeed on your terms.

There is no need to spend 16 hours a day running your business outsource the tasks you don’t want to do and take a management role.

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Take action!



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